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Here are some early works which I created for the Statue of Liberty gift concession

Interior Simulations

I often will explore a proposal for my next new work by first simulating the subject matter in a future interior location. By doing this, the sense of scale, composition and color palette can be more easily imagined.

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Inspiration comes in many forms and speaks to people in different ways.  Everyone has unique perspectives, but I believe there is a universal visual language that is common.  I enjoy discovering the common themes and elements whether found in nature or in another artist’s hand.  Many of my paintings are inspired by photos I take of nature. Sometimes nature can present inspiration as a complete composition or and interesting texture, pattern or light effect. I am always looking for the next inspiration with my camera at the ready.

John Moffitt

Artist Statement

For Purchase

There are many original paintings or reproductions available for sale.  Email me for more information.

john [-at-] moffittstudios [-dot-] com

Inside the Studio

Butterfly Inspiration Ornaments

I have created butterfly ornaments with inspirational quotes.  Buy online at my wife’s jewelry site.